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[Holy Quran, Surah Ibrahim]

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Is it permissible to swallow one’s saliva during fasting?

There is, more or less, complete agreement amongst the Muslim jurists (Fuqaha) that swallowing one’s own saliva does not invalidate one’s fast, even after rinsing one’s mouth during ablution (Wudhu), because it is difficult to avoid. There is nothing within the sacred sources of Shari’ah indicating that swallowing one’s own saliva invalidates the fast.

Can you brush your teeth with toothpaste while fasting?

It is Makhrooh (reprehensible) to use toothpaste during fasting even though the paste does not go down the throat. If the toothpaste does go down the throat then the fast will break. The same applies for topical mouth gels for mouth ulcers and therefore should be avoided.

Is it permissible to apply "Henna" to the head while fasting?

There is nothing wrong in applying henna to your head while fasting. It is permissible. It does not invalidate your fast.

Is an intention for fasting necessary and when should one make the intention (Niyyah) for the fast of Ramadhan?

The intention for fasting is necessary but very simple: It is to know in your heart that you will fast that day. It is valid to have this intention any time from Maghrib the night before up to the Islamic midday of the actual day of fasting, for current Ramadhan fasts and voluntary fasts. The Islamic midday is half way between the beginning of Fajr and Maghrib times.

Can one fast whilst travelling?

Yes, one may fast while travelling. However one should not burden oneself if the journey is long and difficult, for in such situations it is advisable not to fast.

Does one have to perform the Qadha fasts immediately after Ramadhan?

No, it is not necessary. However, it is recommended to complete the missed fasts of Ramadhan as soon as possible.

What is the age at which fasting becomes compulsory?

For both boys and girls, fasting would be compulsory from the time of puberty unless one was to reach the age of fifteen (Islamic lunar calendar) before this.

Can young school children fast?

This would be a personal preference and differ from individual to individual. If the child is able to fast without any serious implications to health or daily activities such as education, then there is no harm.

A morsel of food is left in my mouth and the time of Sehri has elapsed, and I swallow the morsel of food. Does my fast break?

If the morsel of food was equivalent to, or larger than, the size of a ‘chickpea’ then this would invalidate the fast, otherwise not.

When does Sehri start?

One may partake of Sehri anytime after midnight. However, to split the hours between sunset and dawn into six potions and to then partake of Sehri in the sixth potion of the night would be desirable.

Can I partake of Sehri before I sleep?

This would be permitted and would not affect the fast in any manner but one would miss out on the reward for partaking in the Sunnah method of Sehri.

What if I miss Sehri?

If it so happens that one misses Sehri for whatever reason, one should still aim to fast and not use the missing of Sehri as an excuse not to fast. To not fast due to missing Sehri would be a great sin.

What if I unintentionally eat something in the day. Will my fast break?

Unintentionally eating or drinking etc. would not break the fast

Does my fast break if I swear or backbite while fasting?

No, ones fast would not break but may loose some or all of the reward attached to fasting.

Can I take a bath while fasting?

There is no harm in bathing while fasting. However, one should take extra care not to gargle due to the high risk of swallowing water, which would break the fast.

I accidentally broke my fast before the correct time, is my fast still valid?

If one was to break his fast before the exact time of Iftari due to a faulty clock or due to Maghrib Adhan accidentally being given early etc., then this would nullify the fast and one would be required to make Qadha.

Does an injection invalidate one's fast?

Subcutaneous, Intravenous and intramuscular injections are all permissible and will not break the fast.

Does taking out blood or a blood test invalidate one's fast?

No, a blood test does not invalidate the fast, as it is merely the taking out of blood. However, it will be disliked if it could weaken one from being able to maintain the fast.

Does smoking invalidate one's fast?

Yes, it does invalidate one's fast. (Ramadhan is a good time to quit smoking). It should be noted that intentionally passive smoking will also break ones fast.

Do nicotine patches break the fast?

No, nicotine patches will not break the fast.

Is it permissible to take pills in the month of Ramadhaan to delay the monthly period?

It is permissible on condition that the pills are safe and are Halāl.

Is a pregnant or breast-feeding woman allowed to miss the fasts of Ramadhan? Is she allowed to give Fidyah in place of each missed fast?

pregnant or breast-feeding woman is excused from fasting if there is fear that she or her child will suffer harm because of the fast. However, she must keep a fast as soon as she can to make up for the ones that she missed during the pregnancy or breast-feeding. She is not allowed to give Fidyah for her missed fasts.

From what age do children have to keep the fasts of Ramadhan?

Fasting is necessary for all males and females who have reached the age of puberty (i.e. they are baligh). In boys puberty starts when they have a wet dream, whilst in girls it starts from when they have their first period. If neither of these occurs then a child will be considered baligh when they reach the age of 15 Lunar/Islamic years.

Should young children be made to keep fasts in Ramadhan?

Children who have not reached the age of puberty are not required to fast. However, if the parents feel that the child has the ability to fast then they should encourage their child to fast. If the child is unable to complete the fast he/she should not be forced to complete it. If the child breaks the fast the parents do not need to make the child keep a qadha fast to make up for it.

Can a woman perform I’tikaaf?

Yes. A woman may sit in I’tikaaf during the month of Ramadhaan. It is better for her to sit in her own home where she should confine herself to a room in which to worship Allaah. She should not leave this room unless she has a genuine need. If her monthly period starts her I‘tikaaf will end and she will need to do qadha of one day’s I’tikaaf at a later date.

What happens if I have started the fast of Ramadhaan and then my period starts?

In this case the fast will automatically break and you will need to make up for this fast later on. It is permissible to eat and drink for the rest of the day but you should do so in a manner that no one else sees you.

What happens if I had not kept a fast because of my period but then during the day my period ends?

In this case even though you were not fasting you must act like someone who is fasting and stay away from food, water etc. You must make up for this fast at a later date.

If I have missed some fasts how long do I have to make them up? Do I have to make up for them before the next Ramadhan?

Although a missed fast should be kept as soon as possible there is no time limit within which the fast must be kept. Even if many years were to pass it would still be necessary to make up for the missed fast.

If I missed 7 fasts in Ramadhaan do I have to keep all 7 in a row when I make up for them or am I allowed to spread them over a few weeks?

Both ways are correct. A person may keep all of them together in one go or may spread them out over a few weeks or months.

Can I use nasal drops while fasting?

The use of Nasal drops will break the fast.

Can I apply oil or ointments while fasting?

Oil, ointment and similar things applied on the skin are absorbed through the pores and capillaries under the skin and mix with blood. Therefore, the ointment or oil applied on the skin do not invalidate fasting.

Can I visit the dentist while I am fasting?

visit to the dentist would depend on the type of treatment to be carried out. Generally the chances of swallowing saliva mixed with blood, antiseptic etc. are relatively high even though precautions such as suction are used. Thus it would be advisable to avoid the dentist while fasting.

Am I allowed to fast in Ramadhan when I have my monthly period?

No. A woman is not allowed to fast when her monthly period starts during the month of Ramadhan. She must make up for them after her period finishes after Ramadhan.

If I have missed a fast in the month of Ramadhan do I have to read Taraweeh Salah when I make up for the fast?

No. Only the fast needs to be made up. There is no Taraweeh Salah when making up for missed fasts.

When does vomiting break one's fast?

Vomiting only breaks one's fast if: a) one returns and swallows the vomit down the throat, or b) one vomits a mouthful intentionally. It is not broken by non-deliberate vomiting or (deliberately) vomiting less than a mouthful. If one's fast is broken by vomiting, then one will only have to make up (Qadha) for the fast, a Kaffara will not be necessary. The definition of "mouthful vomiting" is that which one cannot hold back in one's mouth without difficulty.

Do eye drops break the fast?

The use of eye drops do not break the fast.