"A Good Word Is As A Good Tree Whose Root Is Firm And Its Branches Are In Heaven"
[Holy Quran, Surah Ibrahim]

The Eden Centre Crosland Moor


To help achieve our goals, fulfil our vision, and respond to the needs of the community, we purchased our initial property in Crosland Moor. This has been utilised to deliver our projects.

Cost Of Each Phase



Phase 1: Acquisition of Building

Status: Completed

The Eden Foundation Huddersfield was successfully able to purchase the Crosland Moor building for £278,000. The money for this was mainly raised through generous contributions from the kind people of Huddersfield.

Phase 2: Structural Renovation

Status: Completed

The structural integrity has now being secured. The flooring, windows, wiring, plumbing and heating etc has being replaced. The estimated cost was in the region of £250,000, which has been raised Alhamdulillah.

Phase 3: Internal Fittings & Decor

Status: In Progress

Now that the building is structurally secure we have commenced furnishing and bringing it into use. Custom features will be included as part of this phase. The estimated cost is in the region of £150,000.