"A Good Word Is As A Good Tree Whose Root Is Firm And Its Branches Are In Heaven"
[Holy Quran, Surah Ibrahim]


The Eden Foundation is a registered charity established by the local Muslim community of Huddersfield. We serve to inspire, upskill & motivate humanity by educating and delivering social services/khidmat rooted in the Islamic faith: ‘From taking, to giving back to the world.’

Your donations are an essential part in delivering our Vision.

Please read our refund policy and privacy policy prior to payment. If you have any questions, contact us by emailing [email protected]

TEF Charity Fund: 'One Ummah, One Body''
The charity is the body responsible for looking after all our sites.

Funds are allocated & prioritised by TEF according to where they are needed most.

This allows services and projects to be delivered across all our sites.

We rely on your generous contributions to build a better future.

Bring about effective and lasting change.

Donate your sadaqa/charity towards:

  • Highfields site: Dedicated parking, Boiler/Central Heating & Windows.
  • Lindley site: Masjid Renovation.
  • Crosland Moor site: Land Development.
  • Qarz/Loan repayment
  • Projects & Services

Make us a vehicle to fulfil the Prophetic vision:
“When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased).
Bringing hope & preventing further hardship from Covid-19 Pandemic in Pakistan, Syria & Palestine, Greece, Yemen, Rhohingya, Kenya & Uganda.

We aim to get your Zakaat to the recipient in Ramadhan where possible.

Zakaat Will Go Towards:
  • Ramadhan Food Aid
  • Orphans Eid Gift
  • Hygiene Packs
  • Food Distributions
  • Charcoal Distributions
  • Widow Support And Sponsor Education Of Children
  • Adult Vocational Training
  • Orphan Support
  • Food Packs
TEF Welfare: Foodbank
The Covid pandemic & cost of living crisis has affected every segment of our community.

We are frequently seeing queues outside foodbanks across the country.

As a community we have a sacred duty to look after our neighbours and those in need.

This year we want to focus on funding a minimum of 500 family packs at £15 each, at a total cost of £7,500.

Donate and signpost those in need using our referral service.
TEF Eden Centre Lindley Renovation
In 2017, our first* stepping stone in Lindley was laid. A hub for the Muslim community living in the ward.

We have now been granted planning approval in 2021 for modifications to the roof, demolition of the rear extension & provision for safe access. We aim to to renovate from within and carry out essential maintenance work to the boundary wall.

Our vision is to deliver a flexible multi-purpose building, suitable for all user groups.

The work will be undertaken in phases, to deliver the least amount of disruption.

We are creating an itinerary with associated costs the community can contribute and pledge towards.

Join us in the journey by donating here.

*Please note that the building was purchased with Qarz/Loans. The site will be officially designated with a function once the final amount is paid off. We have witnessed that the community has outgrown the building within three years. The charity requests donors for this cause are open to TEF utilising funds generated being liquidated and used towards procuring a larger sitein the Lindley Ward Area.
Higfields Boiler
Estimated costs for boiler vary from £75k-£200k and are subject to us to knowing what final building will look like based on planning approval.

We are waiting approval before capping budget, agreeing phases and setting commencement date.

Ring fenced Boiler Fund currently at £35k.

We want value for money, a long-term solution for hot water and warm rooms is needed

Help build the fund and cover our future heating needs.
Higfields Windows
Estimated costs for windows around £100k for existing building.

Rign fenced Window fund at £7.5k.

We want value for money, long term solution for energy efficient windows.

Help build the fund to repair, maintain and replace our windows.
Highfields Car Park
The Highfields car park is leased from the council.

The KMC have agreed to sell the land for total cost of £135k.

The car park purchase will secure the future parking needs for the Maktab, Masjid, Community functions, Food Bank & Scouts initiatives running from the site.
Crosland Moor Car Park
The Crosland Moor Site was purchased in 2013 and renovation completed in 2015 with a cost of approximately £750k.

It is a multi-use building offering nursery, tuition, Maktab, adult education classes, meeting rooms and other community functions.

We are excited to announce that we have purchased the land adjacent to the building and it has been granted planning approval to allow the centre to expand the available safe parking, act as an enclosed play area for the children, enhance the appeal and ambience of the local area with sculpted boundaries.
This is the compensation for missing Ramadhan fasts due to one being terminally ill or has passed away (in which case it is given out of a third of their inheritance).
The compensation for each missed fast is to give a Fidyah (which is the same amount given for Sadaqah al-Fitr) to the poor.

This is a major compensation. If a person breaks a fast intentionally or breaks an oath, Kaffarah would then be binding as the form of redemption.
If a Ramadhan fast is broken intentionally, one would need to fast for sixty consecutive days – which is the Kaffarah – and then observe one qadha fast.
If more than one fast is broken intentionally, one will be required to compensate with one Kaffarah – by fasting sixty consecutive days – and a qadha fast for each extra fast broken.
If one cannot do these fasts due to poor health or old age then one must feed sixty poor persons.
For redemption of a broken oath, a person may feed ten poor persons.
We suggest that the amount to feed one person be set at £3.30 and given to the most needy as determined by our charity partners. This amount should be multiplied according to the number persons to be fed.
Ramadhan Iftar for Needy
100% Donation Policy "Feed one poor person for £1". Covid restrictions might mean we are unable to host iftaar dinners or donate Iftar to our local masjid. So this year, why not feed a poor family for a day or for a month.

Don't miss out on the reward for providing Iftar. “Whoever gives Iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the fasting person’s reward in the slightest.” (Hadith, Tirmidhi).
TEF General Charity: Direct Debit
The Eden Foundation exists to serve the needs of You, the Muslim community. You are our greatest asset. Our journey is your journey. For us to continue to deliver projects and services, for it to impact the community we live in, we require your ongoing support.

Set up a monthly giving plan which shows your effort and contribution to; maintenance & repair, utility bills, insurance, Imam and staff salaries across all sites.

Giving during these difficult times shows strong Imaan & gratitude to Allah (swt)

“Indeed, the men who practice charity and the women who practice charity and [they who] have loaned Allah a goodly loan - it will be multiplied for them, and they will have a noble reward.”(Q: Al Hadeed 57:18)

Make an intention. Make it regular. Make it count.