"A Good Word Is As A Good Tree Whose Root Is Firm And Its Branches Are In Heaven"
[Holy Quran, Surah Ibrahim]

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    EdenCovid-19 Initiative: 7 Steps To Eden

    The Eden Foundation are pleased to present our 7 step initiative in the current climate.

    Step 1: Make Dua

    The foundation of our pledge to Allah our Lord is that we will turn to Him in thanks for His favours and in repentance for our errors. A thousand hands lifted sincerely in prayer will not be returned empty-handed.
    Step 2: Make Your Home A Place Of Worship

    We must strengthen our souls by filling our time with worship and acquiring good habits. Let us come out of this period of lockdown as spiritually uplifted households.
    Step 3: Supply Our Foodbank

    We have setup foodbanks at our Eden Centres at Crosland Moor and Highfields. You can drop of items at the Crosland Moor site on Mondays and Fridays between 6pm and 7pm. Please view our foodbank food list.
    Step 4: Volunteer for Eden Welfare

    Want to become a part of the team and a link in providing services to the community? Can you provide transport to pick up and drop off supplies? Can you provide counselling, tutoring, coaching, web-design, care-work or transpor? Come forward and let's talk
    Step 5: Donate to EdenCovid.co.uk

    Donate online on our JustGiving page. Funds help us in a variety of ways to help the most vulnerable members of the local community. Funds will be used to alleviate financial hardship where possible, provide counselling to isolated individuals and affected communities, to look at initiatives which protect the wider community to stock up critical supplies in our foodbank. £30 will cover the cost of an essentials food pack.
    Step 6: Tune into our Broadcast

    Connect as a family to your local Muslim scholars via our online Mixlr broadcasts. Our programmes will keep you connected to the community and spiritually invigorated. We'll keep you updated on the projects we are undertaking on behalf of the Muslim community and beyond in Huddersfield.
    Step 7: Support your Charity

    The Eden Foundation is your local charity. It acts as an umbrella organisation for your Masajid and supporting Ulama. Your masajid are closed and The Eden Foundation needs your help to keep going. You can contribute by setting up a direct debit to become an essential lifeline in keeping your Masajid and the Charity services functioning for now and in the times to come. We're requesting that every able adult set up a minimum of £5 a month to ensure that your charity and services remain operational in difficult times.

    Who Are We?

    The Eden Foundation is a Huddersfield-based organisation working at grass-roots levels to help promote Islamic values of peace, unity, and respect. We believe this can be successfully achieved through delivering projects focused on Education and Engagement.

    We have been active in facilitating numerous educational projects with a key focus on understanding Islam and life as a Muslim in the UK. Our current project include ’The Maktab’ and ‘Al‑Ihsan’; which are designed to cater for the needs of children and adults respectively. Have a browse through our website to learn more about the other exciting projects we are currently running and also to read about our upcoming events.

    Recent Events

    Our Projects

    The Maktab

    'The Maktab' is the name of our Islamic Supplementary school which runs on weekdays in the evening. It is a great privilege for The Eden Foundation Huddersfield (TEFH) to be able to provide rudimentary Islamic education for our future generations.

    Al Ihsan

    'Al-Ihsan' is the name of our Islamic studies programme aimed at Adults, through which we deliver talks, courses and seminars. All our endeavours are carried out with the hope of aiding people to develop 'Ihsan' (excellence) in their worship, character and conduct.


    As part of our Outreach project we are supporting over 20 Refugee families from around the world. We provide food, clothes and support.


    Eden Health is a Huddersfield based voluntary organisation founded in 2015. Our team of doctors, dentists, faith leaders and allied health professionals work within the local community to help empower and support individuals to lead healthier and more productive lives.

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